Pizza Night

Wednesday, December 07, 2016


Brick Oven Polenta
Wild Mushroom Ragout
Mixed Greens, Vinaigrette
Corned Beef, Barley and Cabbage soup
Colman’s Mustard
Beets, Watercress, Frisée and Roquefort
Fish and Shellfish Cake
Caesar Salad
Burrata Mozzarella
Roasted Peppers, Portobello and Basil Oil
Mixed Greens with Stromboli
Spicy Sausage, Pepperoni, Fontina, Mozzarella
New England Clam and Mussel Chowder –Supplement $1.50

Main Course
Seared Faroe Island Salmon
Lemon Thyme Risotto–Supplement $3.50
Steamed Mussels and Spicy Tomato Sauce
Beef in Barolo
Cipollini Onions and Mashed Potatoes
Chicken Saltimbocca,
Prosciutto and Sage and Goat Cheese Potato Croquet
Chicken Pot Pie
Mushrooms, Pearl Onions, Baby Carrot, and Peas
8 oz Sirloin Burger
Spinach, Munster, Field Greens and Shoestring Fries
Macaroni and Cheese
Smoked Ham, Shell Pasta and Toasted Bread Crumbs
Eggplant Roulades
Ricotta and Basil Stuffing, Linguini and Tomato Sauce
Olives, Tomato, Capers, Spinach, Garlic and Rosemary Olive Oil

White Pizza: Ricotta, Mozzarella and Garlic
Parmagiana Pizza: Eggplant, Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce
Pepperoni Pizza: Pepperoni, Mozzarella and Tomato Sauce
Chicken Pizza: Broccoli, Chicken, Fontina, and Tomato Garnish
Tuscany Pizza: Basil, Tomatoes, Tomato Sauce, Garlic, Mozzrella
Canadian: Mushrooms, Spinach, Bacon, Mozzarella and Tomato Sauce
Diablo Pizza: Spicy Italian Sausage, Bell Peppers, Mozzarella and Tomato Sauce
Pomodoro Pizza, Chunky Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Red Pepper Flakes, Oregano, and Parmesan
Bolognese Pizza: Beef Bolognese, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onions, Parmesan, Tomato Sauce

Price 16.95
Sorry we do not accept credit cards